Stock to Flow Price Predictions

Since stock to flow is used in Bitcoin to predict the price, many people want to know what stock to flow predicts for the future Bitcoin price.

2025 Prediction

For 2025, after the 2024 bitcoin halving, stock to flow estimates a price of around $600,000 USD to $1.2 million USD per bitcoin, depending on which stock to flow model you look at.

2030 Prediction

For 2030, after the 2028 Bitcoin halving, stock to flow predicts a price $4-14 million USD per bitcoin.

Why does the prediction change so much each year?

Bitcoin’s projected price based on stock to flow changes drastically every 4 years because of the halving.

Since the halving cuts the rate of new bitcoins, and stock to flow’s formula is:

Total bitcoins / new bitcoins = stock to flow

When Bitcoin’s halving comes, the new bitcoins value is getting smaller, which creates a higher stock to flow, which increases the projected price usually by more than double.

Stock to flow is just an estimate and not a guarantee. This site is not financial advice.