PlanB Bitcoin - The Creator of Stock to Flow

Who is PlanB?

PlanB is the anonymous creator of the stock to flow model.

He is a quantitative analyst based in the Netherlands.

What made PlanB famous?

PlanB’s original article titled:

Modeling Bitcoin Value with Scarcity

Does he have a current price prediction?

PlanB’s latest Bitcoin price prediction video was posted on January 4, 2024:

Here is a summary of his 2024 predictions from the video:

  • His model predicts $532,000 USD per bitcoin after the halving
  • Bitcoin will start to rise towards $50,000 to $60,000 as we get closer to the 2024 halving

Social Media

You can follow PlanB on:

PlanB regularly posts new charts, updated and predictions on his Twitter.

His website also has more links to resources.


PlanB also popularized using RSI for Bitcoin, especially the monthly RSI.